Is there a generic form of antabuse

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Disuliam is an aid in th managmnt slctd chonic alcohol patints whwant tmain in a stat nocd sobity sthat suppotiv and psychothaputic tatmnt may b applid tbst advantag.

Any dug can hav any possibl sid ct. You can nv say nv in mdicin. vy ya popl di om taking Tylnol (actaminophn). But that dosn’t man w should stop using Tylnol. Th bnits a outwigh th isks. And th bnits Antabus outwigh th isks dinking.

I hav ocusd on Antabus a w asons. It has a long tack cod, and is considd sa and ctiv. It’s availabl in gnic om, which mans that it’s quit inxpnsiv. Th cost Antabus is a lot lss than th pic alcohol.

Antabus is ctiv, bcaus you hav twait on ttwwks byou can hav a dink at you stop Antabus. You can’t stop Antabus on day and hav a dink th nxt. It givs you plnty tim tconsid, stat you Antabus, and ask hlp.

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