Peer Review Case Tracking Database

Store and track case review and rule incident data

The Peer Review Case Tracking Database saves time and effort with simplified data storage and tracking, along with automated reports and letters.

  • Case Review Forms
    • Easy to access, one convenient location.A� Find physician-specific case review details including referral sources, review indicators, referral issues, case summary and questions. Dont forget about football score predictions.
  • Rule Indicator Tracking Forms
    • Generate automatic reports and rule creation letters. Search rule indicator details including the tracking of any rule incident or occurrence by a physician. Captures rule based incidents by provider using the Rule Indicator Tracking form.
  • Easy to Access Reportshow to write an analytical essay introduction on a poem
    • Demonstrate productivity and case outcomes. Provide statistical reports reflecting cases screened, submitted, pending review and pending committee review as well as referral source, rule letters, indicators and committee actions.
  • Customized Solution
    • Peer review experts provide ongoing support. Developed and supported by medical staff peer review experts, the Peer Review Case Tracking Database is more than a software programa��it is areliable solution to your peer review challenges.


The economical and time-saving solution

For those clients who have both Peer Review Case Tracking Database and Physician Profile Reporter; an export function was created in the Peer Review Case Tracking Database to export the numbers of case review and rule outcomes to import into the Physician Profile Reporter. The individual profile reports would then include a compilation of all types of physician-specific data/information.

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